A Look Inside

A project to re-sensitise the familiar and guide self-knowledge



Note: This work represents who I was in early 2014 when this project came to a finish. Re-reading it now, some aspects are no longer represent my thoughts. 



Leaving something large and completely known, for the opposite, the unknown. It is something we don’t often do in such large overpowering ways, yet it naturally happens in small steps all the time.



Books are wonderful things, they allow us to escape reality. She’s nearly finished. I wonder what she has to return to?

Speed of Life #1

Taxi, rush, job … sleep. Some people never stop, some never start.

A Helping Hand

We never really stop getting help from our parents; but as we get older, there isn’t as much hand.


Keep on Running

When do we grow old and stop running around and being free? I’ll tell you when. When we decide to. It is only a choice.


They are wonderful things. They allow us to make quick and easy judgements. They are our best guess in a short amount of time. The thing is of course, they are easily broken, all you have to do is look.



Kids are constantly curious. As we age we replace curiosity with procrastination through boring TV shows, and repeat news. Turn it off and get curious.


It’s easy to forget our surroundings, especially when we are rushing around in the city we call home.



Are we locked in our own homes? Can we feel trapped by our own belongings? What is going on inside the darkness? Are we closed in or kept out by the fence?

Smoking Keeps You Thin

Beautiful girls, but I wonder what damage lies within?

Family, Love and the Stage

Love your family, protect and enjoy them, and don’t let your surroundings and lifestyle distract you from their beauty.


Laughter and Friends

Never forget who your friends are, hold on to them, and keep the laughter flowing.


They are always around us, but often they are not where we expect them.

Enjoyable Work

How many of us enjoy our working lives? You know, the thing we’ve been educated to do. Perhaps these two are creating something, to put out into the world, and make it a better place.


Live to Work

Ironic isn’t it? These well dressed City works are relaxing, sharing a break with their colleagues. Maybe life is good with high salaries, maybe they smoke to relax, but I wonder how much thought they’ve given to the risks of smoking or if they’ve ever considered alternative ways to relax, like meditation? I wonder if they’ve thought about quitting and walking away, like the man on the left. Maybe they are worried that they too, might go unnoticed.


Big cities can make us inhuman. We can become immune to those living on the street, forgetting that they were just like us, but things out of their control conspired against them. We could be next.

Another Man’s Shadow

I wonder how many people live their lives in the shadow of others. Sadly, I think quite a few.


While people sometimes want to be ignored, to disappear into the background, there is often someone watching, whether we like it or not.

Speed of Life #2

People all move at different speeds. They might have mental distractions or physical difficulties. Some might rush past us, others might be in our way, but we shouldn’t be annoyed, we should remember that we don’t know their situation.

Our Crazy Minds

What we see and what we perceive can be very different things. The people we pass on the street can become faceless mannequins, defined by the clothes they wear.

Burger Queen?

Sharing in the Rain

While somedays might not be perfect, it shouldn’t stop you from spending quality time with the people you love.


Places like Jamie’s provide the feeling of romance, coziness and warmth, but they are mere shells, waiting to be filled by the presence of your friends and family.


Already Fragile

Life is already short and fragile enough, why wouldn’t you just wear a helmet?


We should strive to remember that everyone we pass on the street has a story every bit as complicated and compelling as our own.

Under Construction

Just like the skyline of any major city, we are constantly under construction. Why are we striving for money and material possession, when the best sort of development is constant and continual learning?


Love is out there, just sometimes we’re not ready for it and maybe it’s not ready for us.

Leaving it all Behind

People move, they leave behind friends and family to go into the unknown. Maybe they go by ship. Often, like the bike on the right, there is something to balance the unknown. A job, a partner, or even just a dream to do something new.